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CAST Imaging System is a software visualization solution for the IT teams to visualize and navigate through the application architecture layer by layer; something similar to Google Earth. It is a single page application that can be accessed by any developer, architect, business executives to get insight into architecture, technologies, frameworks and other functional layers of the applications. It provides you with a multi-dimensional view and lets you drill down up to 5 layers of the application. It provides architecture details of an application starting with high-level view automatically. It provides a holistic, top-down architecture view, which allows you to drill down layer-by-layer of an application stack.

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The analysis data from CAST AIP or any other tool is an input to the Imaging system. The algorithm and architecture knowledge of Imaging system computes the data and provides automatic architecture or transaction views. Imaging System is unique in many ways - 

  • it is interactive and has an intuitive User Interface
  • It allows you to view end-to-end cross technology dependencies between the components
  • It allows you to identify all existing transaction skeletons
  • It highlights the database model to ensure adherence between back-end and database layers
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