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Summary: The following is the list of major documentation updates and changes included in this release.


  • Starting from CAST AIP 8.1.x, the setup no longer installs any files to the %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\CAST\CAST location. All files (principally CAST predefined Environment Profiles) that were installed to this location in previous releases of CAST AIP are now installed to the <install_folder>\EnvProf folder. If you have altered any files in this location then you must transfer those changes to the equivalent location in <CAST_install>\EnvProf. See Technical Information and also Upgrading CAST AIP from 7.3.x or 8.0.x to 8.1.x
  • CAST Report Generator is now a standalone application that is no longer bundled with CAST AIP. All documentation has been moved to

  • If you want to analyze the data on your own presenting actionable information with other point of view that CAST provides by default, CAST AIP results can be connected to BI solutions. Please see Installing Apache Drill for CAST AIP.

Assessment Model

  • CAST AIP now uses a new consolidation mode known as Full Application. This mode has been introduced to avoid the disadvantages that previous consolidation modes (based on the average of all functional modules (default or user-defined) in the Application) present.

Background Facts and Business Value Metrics


CAST Application Analytics Dashboard

Universal Analyzer extensions (language packs)

Supported Technologies


  • Added a note to the C and C++ technology page stating that if you are analyzing Microsoft Visual C++ using a CAST AIP environment profile, then you MUST install the appropriate IDE for your source code. If you do not then the analysis will fail.

Oracle Server

  • The extraction/analysis of schemas on Oracle 8i is unsupported, however, it is still possible to analyze Oracle 8i if you have output from an older version of the standalone CAST Database Extractor.


  • Added supported version numbers of C# and VB.NET - see .NET.

Service Pack updates

You can find a list of documentation updates and changes fro CAST 8.1.x Service Packs below:

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