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Summary: CAST AIP 8.1.x introduces a number of features and changes as listed below.

CAST AIP 8.1.0

Analytics and Dashboard Enhancements/Changes

  • CAST Application Engineering Dashboard enhancement includes many usability improvements in this release as well as:
    • Enhanced visualization of system-level or complex issues in the source code.
    • Includes support for three categories of rules:
      • Path – visualizes violations linked to system-level execution paths across multiple lines, multiple files, or several different application layers, components or technologies
      • Copy Paste (code duplication) – visualizes all potential instances side-by-side for easy inspection
      • Multiple locations – violations spanning multiple lines or multiple files
  • REST API includes improvements such as:
    • Injection of external data into CAST database has been improved to support a more flexible workflow - see Background Facts and Business Value Metric upload.
    • Apache Drill extraction support enables easy integration with a wide range of BI tools - if you want to analyze the data on your own presenting actionable information with other points of view that CAST provides by default, CAST AIP results can be connected to BI solutions. Please see Installing Apache Drill for CAST AIP.
    • New metrics are available that are related to Measurement and Dashboard Service databases
  • In the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard, you can now customize the scope of any AAD tile to show results for any interesting subset of application tiles.
  • CAST Report Generator: 
    • Is now installed and upgraded independently of the AIP platform releases. Please refer to for more information.
    • Supports Localization of fixed text in table headers/labels, and includes default translations for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
    • Supports the generation of Microsoft Excel reports, and includes new components for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Technology Coverage and Support


  • Java 8 is now supported.
  • Microsoft Edge browser is now supported for CAST Application Analytics and Engineering Dashboards (Internet Explorer 9 no longer supported).

CAST AIP Extensions/Components

  • Support for Microsoft .NET Entity Framework is available for all the versions of the framework starting with 3.0.
  • CAST Database Extractor 2.0 (PL-SQL/T-SQL) includes enhanced UI and CLI for automisation, and is delivered as separate component. It is compatible with Oracle 9 to 12c*, MS SQL 2000 to 2014**, Sybase ASE 12 to 15, and CAST AIP 7.3 – 8.1.
  • PHP 1.1 contains support of Symfony framework based on Java extension delivered inside the PHP technology extension.
  • This release also includes improved TIBCO BW 5.x support.
  • Support for extraction of source code from the following repositories direct from the CAST Delivery Manager Tool:

Analysis and Platform Updates

  • CAST AIP now uses a new consolidation mode known as Full Application. This mode has been introduced to avoid the disadvantages that previous consolidation modes (based on the average of all functional modules (default or user-defined) in the Application) present. The Full Application mode has benefits over these previous consolidation modes:
    • Grades are now more stable and less impacted by configuration changes such as the addition of User Defined Modules as long as the default Full Content module is always generated.
    • CAST AIP will now consider "User Defined Modules" as extracted views of Applications, in the sense that as long as a Full Content Module is selected, it is possible to add or remove additional User Defined Modules with no impact on the grade.
    • Legacy consolidation modes based on an average of all functional modules are still available as an option.
  • OMG Automated Enhancement Points (AEP) Improvements:
    • This release delivers first support for the new CISQ/OMG standard for Automated Enhancement Points (AEP)
    • The calculation of Enhancement Function Points (EFP) is enhanced with initial support for the subset of the AEP standard called Automated Enhancement Function Points (AEFP)
  • CAST Transaction Configuration Center improvements:
    • The user interface has been improved to better reflect the process and the AFP/EFP terminology, for example reviewed titles and names in application treeview and in all the views, and new views for Data Functions for EFP Calibration.
    • Includes more improved ergonomics
    • You can now adjust the computation settings globally or at application level, and can change the parameters.
  • Delivery Manager Tool Packaging Reports are extended to improve the usability of content report and its accessibility.
  • The "Custom" installation option has been removed from the CAST AIP setup.

Other changes

  • The extraction/analysis of schemas on Oracle 8i is unsupported, however, it is still possible to analyze Oracle 8i if you have output from an older version of the standalone CAST Database Extractor.
  • CAST Delivery Manager Tool > Source Code Delivery Guide for Application Teams (CAST Delivery Manager Tool) > Required RDBMS rights for packaging a database > Added documentation about an option called "ALL access mode" which has been added to the CAST Delivery Manager Tool GUI when extracting Oracle schemas. This option prevents accidental use of the ALL_* views for the extraction process because they do not always extract all the required information in comparison to the use of the DBA_* views. Note that the addition of this option may cause extractions that were working previously without issue to now fail - if so, you may need to review your extraction configuration options.
  • Internet Explorer 9 no longer supported for the CAST Application Analytics and Engineering Dashboards
  • The Corporate Wide Portal has been discontinued in CAST AIP 8.1.x. CAST Server Manager in CAST AIP 8.1.x will not recognise any schemas installed for use with the Corporate Wide Portal. Please use the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard instead.

CAST AIP 8.1.1

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.1 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.1 for more information.

Oracle Server extraction and analysis

  • When using the dedicated extraction user to perform the extraction:
  •  Oracle Server objects marked as invalid in the system catalog will now be passed to the CAST AIP analyzer as valid (in previous releases, invalid objects were always passed as invalid and the analyzer would ignore them). Please see the section Invalid Oracle Server objects in Oracle Server. This improvement now means that objects marked as invalid simply because they require recompiling will now be analyzed and will be displayed in CAST Enlighten as valid. If the object is marked as invalid in the system catalog because it contains syntax errors, the analyzer will issue a syntax error in the analysis log when attempting to analyze it. This change will have an impact on results of upgrading to 8.1.1, please see Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.1 for more information.

CAST AIP 8.1.2

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.2 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.2 for more information.

Technology updates


  • The SAP ABAP Analyzer now supports ABAP 7.4. Please see SAP ABAP for more information.

Connection pooling for the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard/CAST RestAPI

CAST AIP 8.1.3

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.3 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.3 for more information.

Technology syntax improvements

Oracle PL/SQL

The following Oracle 11G syntax is now supported by CAST AIP (please also see Oracle Server):



The following syntax (which is permitted in ABAP source code) is now supported by CAST AIP (please also see SAP ABAP):

  • "EXEC SQL" with comments between EXEC and SQL
  • ~ character now supported in SORT clauses

  • Preprocessing when ":" is inside parentheses

  • A full expression in the FROM clause is now supported

  • When an integer is present in a FROM clause

  • When a macro is called with another macro name as a parameter

CAST AIP 8.1.4

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.4 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.4 for more information.

CAST AIP 8.1.5

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.5 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.5 for more information.

JEE - Maven discovery for Project Aggregation

The built in Maven Discover provided with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool out-of-the box now supports the discovery of Maven projects that use Project Aggregation (where <modules> are specified in the pom.xml).

CAST AIP 8.1.6

Technology syntax improvements


The following syntax (which is permitted in ABAP source code) is now supported by CAST AIP (please also see SAP ABAP):


Oracle PL/SQL

The following Oracle 11G syntax is now supported by CAST AIP (please also see Oracle Server):


CAST AIP 8.1.7

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.7 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.7 for more information.

CAST AIP 8.1.8

Bug Fixing

See Resolved issues - 8.1.8 and Changes in results post upgrade - 8.1.8 for more information.

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