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CAST Application Intelligence Platform or the CAST AIP is a software analysis and measurement solution that generates actionable information based on the analysis performed on the software application code. CAST AIP -

  • is the leading enterprise-grade software quality assessment and performance measurement solution available in the market today. 
  • is a tool that aids in the identification of software vulnerabilities, tracks quality issues and provides the data to monitor development performance.
  • can read, analyze, and semantically understand most kinds of source code, including scripting and interface languages, 3GLs, 4GLs, and web and mainframe technologies, across all layers of an application (UI, logic, and data)

After the static analysis of the application, CAST AIP generates actionable information that is ready to consume by key players of the organization. The information is based on numerous computations that are performed on the delivered application source code.

CAST AIP has a four-step high level workflow. The main stages of the workflow to analyze and measure a software application are –

  1. Information Collection - Collects application specific information from project, source code management system, databases, and so on.
  2. Delivery of application source code – Creates a ZIP package using the information collected at previous step and delivers the software application for analysis and measurement.
  3. Processing of the software package - Analyzes and measures the application by performing various checks such as dependency management, simulation capability, code pattern scanning, architecture checking, dataflow analysis, quality rule management, transaction finding Function point estimation and so on.
  4. Displays appropriate output for different users – displays the analysis result or output of appropriate information depending on different users and their needs through various dashboards, Reports, 3rd party integration and so on.

CAST AIP workflow (click to enlarge):

The workflow is based on CAST Management and Operations Technology and takes into account all your specific details and requirements related to application structure, involved technologies, assessment business case and so on.

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